Twinning Relationships

A "twinning" relationship is a formalized partnership between Alberta and a region in another country (i.e., a state, province, oblast, or prefecture). There are two types:

Sister Province Relationships are multi-faceted arrangements with another region that help promote economic development-related activities as well as cross-cultural awareness and cooperation in areas such as culture, education, sports, agriculture, technology, governance and tourism.

Transboundary Partnerships are policy-oriented arrangements with American states (i.e., Alaska and Montana).  These relationships promote collaboration on issues of common interest (e.g., Alaska pipeline, Milk River, border crossings, cattle/beef).

Sister Province Relationships

Gangwon, South Korea (1974)
Hokkaido, Japan (1980)
Heilongjiang, China (1981)
Jalisco, Mexico (1999)
Saxony, Germany (2002)
Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine (2004)
Lviv, Ukraine (2005)
Guangdong, China (2017)

Transboundary Partnerships

Montana, USA (1985)
Alaska, USA (2002)

For more information on the Asia Pacific twinning relationships, please contact:

Craig Chupka
Director, International Relations and Strategic Planning
Economic Development and Trade