1. Mandate
    The mandate of the Premier’s Advisory Committee on the Economy (“Committee”) is to provide independent advice to government on economic development policies and strategies for Alberta to secure long-term prosperity.
  2. Key Responsibilities
    Reporting to the Premier, the Committee will be focused on diversification, sustainability and resilience of the Alberta economy, providing advice on initiatives that:
    • Improve the triple bottom line returns of economic activity, ensuring a balance in social, economic, and environmental outcomes;
    • Enhance local value creation and job creation in existing energy, forestry, and agricultural sectors;
    • Identify, promote, and develop non-energy related economic activity; and
    • Improve competitiveness and resiliency of Alberta’s economic sectors through increased innovation and investment attraction.
  3. Organization
    • The Committee shall consist of the Premier as Executive Chair, the Minister of Economic Development and Trade as Executive Vice-chair, and a maximum of twelve members appointed by the Premier (“Members”), one of whom shall be designated as Chair and two others designated as Vice-chairs.
    • Members will be appointed for a three-year term.
    • Members are esteemed Canadians who are respected for their work and achievements in national and provincial politics, public service, industry and academia.
    • The Committee will meet quarterly or as required.
  4. Council Secretariat
    • The Ministry of Economic Development and Trade will provide secretariat and policy support to the Committee and the Committee’s ongoing administrative, logistic and information needs.
    • The Secretariat will ensure that communication, collaboration and cooperation with other Government of Alberta departments and entities are undertaken to ensure other departments are consulted and informed throughout the process as required.