Entrepreneurship and Regional Development

The Government of Alberta fosters sustainable economic growth throughout the province by actively engaging with small business, entrepreneurs, industry and communities across Alberta on economic development initiatives. Some of these initiatives include:

  • Providing economic and statistical information on a regional basis;
  • Supporting Regional Economic Development Alliances (REDAs);
  • Developing information resources related to regional development and community development; and
  • Hosting economic development conferences and symposiums for industry and community leaders.
  • Developing a Small Business Strategy to help us foster a better climate that empowers small business and entrepreneurs in Alberta.

To learn more about Alberta's entrepreneurship and regional economic development initiatives, see:

Regional Economic Development Sections

Regional Information Map

For the purposes of providing comparable annual regional economic data within Alberta, the province has been divided into 14 economic indicator regions.  It should be noted that Alberta's economic indicator regions do not take the form of formal community partnerships, nor do they necessarily share the same boundaries as those set by the Regional Economic Development Alliances.

The Regional Information Map contains links for each region to the following:

  • Government of Alberta contacts in each of the Regional Development Branch Offices;
  • Regional Economic Development Alliance (REDA) information; and
  • Regional Economic Indicators.

Regional Economic Development Alliances

Alberta's Regional Economic Development Alliances (REDAs) developed out of a need to stimulate long-term economic development and growth strategies in Alberta's rural and urban communities.

REDAs in Alberta are autonomous grassroots-based non-profit organizations comprised of member communities and regional stakeholders that work together to foster business development and prosperity in a defined geographic area. This collaboration and cooperation enables members and stakeholders to undertake projects that they could not necessarily do on their own.

Community Economic Development

Find tools and supports to help community stakeholders develop and implement an economic development plan for their local area.

Entrepreneurship and Regional Development Branch Offices

Find contact information for a Regional Development Branch Office near you.

Small Business Highlights

Find information about small business supports.