Premier’s Advisory Committee on the Economy

The Premier’s Advisory Committee on the Economy is a ten member Committee that provides independent, expert advice to the Premier and government. It includes members from industry, academia, non-profit, labour, research and innovation. The Committee will provide ongoing advice on diversification initiatives that identify, promote, and develop non-energy related economic activity, innovation, and job creation.

The Premier and the Minister of Economic Development and Trade will meet quarterly or as required with the Committee. Committee membership includes volunteer senior level executives. These appointees receive no remuneration other than reimbursement of Committee related travel and expenses.

Committee member biographies

Joseph Doucet – Chair

Steve Williams – Vice-Chair

Siobhán Vipond – Vice-Chair

Dr. Marie Delorme

Marc de La Bruyère

Hugh Mackenzie

Elisabeth Ballermann

Nancy Southern

Elyse Allan

Dr. Ray Muzyka

Sue Tomney

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