Key Responsibilities

This ministry works to grow the province's economy, strengthen small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and promote economic stability. Key activities include:

  • promoting strategies for sustainable growth and economic resilience
  • developing and promoting non-energy sectors
  • supporting small and medium-sized enterprises
  • collaborating with communities and stakeholders to nurture regional economic development
  • facilitating technology adoption and commercialization through industry partnerships

Ensuring vibrant and sustainable economic development provincially and regionally is a primary role for the ministry. The ministry works with the Premier's Advisory Committee on the Economy, industry sectors, businesses, communities and the Regional Economic Development Alliances to grow the province's economy and make Alberta globally attractive and competitive.

Alberta Major Projects

The upgraded Alberta Major Projects map was recently launched. The tool assists firms in identifying potential supply opportunities and informs Albertans on the status of projects in the province valued at $5 million or greater, allowing the user to explore projects across Alberta using an MLS (multiple listing service) style map interface.

Access the Alberta Major Projects map at

Economic Dashboard

The Alberta Economic Dashboard is an online information source that gives investors, businesses and Albertans easier access to 26 economic indicators of the Alberta economy.

Access the Economic Dashboard at

Small Business Resources

Alberta Small Business Resources is a directory of business resources for new and established entrepreneurs.

Access the Small Business Resources site at