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Relations with the United States are of vital importance to Alberta.

The U.S. is by far the largest customer for Alberta’s exports. Over 85% of the province's total exports are shipped to points in the U.S. and 17 of Alberta's top 20 international export destinations are U.S. states. Additionally, the U.S. is the source of 2/3 of all foreign investment in the province. 60% of foreign tourists visiting Alberta are American.

Alberta has long been the largest exporter of natural gas to the U.S. and has recently also become its largest supplier of crude petroleum. Alberta's natural gas pipeline collection and distribution system will play a key role in delivering Alaska and Northern Canadian gas to major markets in the Lower 48.

Alberta participates in a number of trans-boundary organizations such as the Pacific NorthWest Economic Region (PNWER), and the CanAm Border Trade Alliance. Alberta also participates in U.S. state government organizations such as the Western Governors Association and Council of State Governments, and has formal consultative links with Montana and Alaska.

The Alberta Office in Washington, D.C. was opened in 2004 to advance Alberta's economic and policy interests in key areas such as energy and agricultural trade in the U.S. capital.

Advocacy efforts to advance Alberta’s interests are focused through the Alberta Washington Office and Canada’s missions in the U.S., organizations such as the Western Governors Association, the Council of State Governments, the Pacific NorthWest Economic Region and by working directly with U.S. legislators and officials.

The Ministry has the mandate to market Alberta for investment attraction, trade development, and government to government relations in the United States. Key activities are managed in coordination with Alberta’s international office located in Washington, D.C..

The Ministry represents and advises on Alberta’s interests with regard to foreign governments manages Alberta’s twinning relationships with international jurisdictions, including Alaska and Montana; and coordinates inbound programs for visiting foreign officials.

For more information on Alberta-United States initiatives contact:

Tristan Sanregret, Executive Director
Phone: 780-427-4605
Email: tristan.sanregret@gov.ab.ca

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