Middle East & Africa

Middle East and North Africa

Alberta is considered a key province in the economic relationship between Canada and countries in the Middle East and Africa, particularly in the energy and agricultural sectors.

The Ministry has a mandate to promote Alberta for investment attraction, trade development, and government to government relations in the Middle East and Africa.

Priority target markets for trade and investment include Kuwait, Libya, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. In addition, Alberta has worked on governance projects in a number of countries including Tanzania, Malawi and most recently in South Africa, primarily with its twin province, Mpumalanga.

ED&T represents and advises on Alberta's interests with regards to foreign government relations; manages Alberta's twinning relationships with international jurisdictions, including South Africa (Mpumalanga); and coordinates inbound programs for visiting foreign officials.

For more information on Alberta-Middle East and Africa initiatives contact:

Linda Hawk, Executive Director
Phone: 780-643-6775
Email: linda.hawk@gov.ab.ca

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