Information and Communications Technology (ICT)

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Information and Communications Technology (ICT) is one of the world’s strongest and fastest growing economic sectors. It is vital to Alberta’s future and plays a key role in improving health care, education, and the delivery of government services throughout the province.
Alberta has a large, sophisticated, and growing ICT industry with an international reputation for innovation. The solid company base of Alberta’s ICT industry includes 4,238 companies and an estimated 53,200 employees generating $10 billion in annual revenues (2010) making ICT one of Alberta’s key sectors. 

Alberta is one of the world’s most progressive centres of innovation and the province is now home to a number of leading ICT clusters, including:

  • Microsystems and Nanotechnology
  • Wireless Technologies
  • Software and Digital Media
  • Geospatial and Positioning (GPS) Technologies

In 1998, the Alberta Science and Research Authority released Information and Communications Technology - A Strategy for Alberta.  That strategy called for a strengthening of the four pillars supporting the ICT industry - education, research, infrastructure and business - and has been the foundation for government action and investment ever since.

Released in 2008, Building an Integrated Knowledge Economy:  An Updated Information and Communications Technology Strategy for Alberta renewed the 1998 strategy, expanding upon its achievements and sustaining its momentum.  In addition, it recognized the need for a new pillar -- the engagement of Albertans - to gain the full rewards of public and private sector investments in the ICT industry.


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ICT High Performers Pick Alberta

NAIT Shell Manufacturing Centre (Shell, Microsoft)
Focused on software solutions, process improvement, and automation for the manufacturing sector.

Centre for Innovative Information Technology Solutions (CIITS) at SAIT
Using IT to streamline processes and provide access to global markets for energy manufacturing sector.

University of Alberta IBM Centre for Advanced Studies
Focused on machine intelligence, nanotech, biological simulation, and services science research.

University of Alberta Sun Microsystems Centre of Excellence in Integrated Nanotools
Focused on developing advanced tools, microchips, microsystems, and nanodevices.

University of Calgary Grid Research Centre (Hewlett-Packard)
Developing next generation high performance computing monitoring and management tools.

University of Lethbridge Alberta Terrestrial Imaging Centre (IUNCTUS)
Partnership to develop earth imaging applications using SPOT satelite data.

Alberta’s economic growth has been one of the most phenomenal success stories in Canada. Entrepreneurs and companies of all sizes have raised capital, solved problems, and made money by realizing the potential and enormity of the opportunities to thrive in Alberta.

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