A partnership to advance Alberta's competitive edge

"Competitiveness" is the condition created when government, industry and Albertans work together to pursue sustained economic prosperity.

Making Alberta more competitive is vital to the province’s long-term success and to the well-being of every business and community. A more competitive economy will benefit all Albertans because it adapts more quickly, resulting in sustained growth of living standards.

In 2010 the Alberta government passed the Alberta Competitiveness Act. The Act lays the groundwork for the province to ensure it remains one of the most competitive jurisdictions in the world through enhanced government partnerships with industry, business and Albertans.

The Alberta Competitiveness Act of 2010 notes that “competitiveness is core to the Government of Alberta’s plan to position Alberta for sustained prosperity to provide a high quality of life for Albertans.” This led to the formation of the Alberta Competitiveness Council and the commissioning of the inaugural Report on Competitiveness: Alberta 2010 to benchmark Alberta’s economic performance and economic competitiveness relative to its peers. The Government of Alberta continues to benchmark the current state of Alberta’s national and international competitiveness. The reports identify areas of strength, highlight areas where opportunities for improvement may exist, and continue to form a benchmark against which future progress can be measured.