Product Commercialization Centres

Alberta companies in the pre-commercialization stage of developing new products can turn to product commercialization centres to receive the technical equipment, labs or test facilities and services they need to bring their ideas to market faster.   


Clinexus supports small companies in developing health technology-related products and markets by offering help in a number of areas including process validation, regulatory affairs, technology integration, market development, and promotion and networking.  One of its key roles is to help companies connect with real-world health environments for field testing their innovations.  Clinexus avoids duplication with other support organizations - rather it helps to connect companies to these much needed resources and to test environments early on in the development cycle in an effort to help accelerate commercialization.

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JULY 2009   


Tecterra is a centre that focuses technology and research to build more sustainable industry practices.  It’s a place where resource companies work with innovative technology companies and the research community to develop world-class solutions to industry challenges.

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JUNE 2009

Alberta Biomaterials Development Centre

Alberta’s new Biomaterials Development Centre is helping Alberta’s agriculture and forestry industries to develop new products from plant fibers and other bio-based feedstock.  Alberta’s vast feedstock resources and expertise in this emerging sector provide global companies with fertile ground for developing, testing and producing new products.

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Alberta Centre for Advanced MNT Products

At the Alberta Centre for Advanced MNT Products (ACAMP) tech-savvy entrepreneurs can access business and technical services that will help them turn their ideas into products for market.  The centre supports the province’s growing nanotechnology sector in the areas of commercialization, business and product development and marketing.

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