Asia Pacific

Alberta has strong trade and social ties with many countries in the Asia Pacific region.

The Asia region includes key markets such as China, Japan, Korea and India that, in combination, is Alberta’s second largest export market worth over $8.43 billion of Alberta’s $94.87 billion in exports in 2012. Asia is also becoming a leading source of foreign direct investment in Alberta.

The South Asia/ Oceania region represents one of Alberta’s most diverse export markets. Countries in this region are a source of a large portion of immigrants to Alberta and have strong economic and cultural relations with the province.

The Ministry has the mandate to promote Alberta for investment attraction, trade development, and government to government relations with the Greater China Region (mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan), Japan, Korea and spanning Southeast Asia to India, and south to Australia and New Zealand.

Key activities are managed in coordination with the six Alberta international offices located in North Asia (Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, Taipei, Seoul and Tokyo).

Priority target markets for trade and investment include mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, India, Thailand, Indonesia, Australia and Singapore.

The Ministry represents and advises on Alberta’s interests with regard to foreign governments; manages Alberta’s twinning relationships with international jurisdictions, including China (Heilongjiang), South Korea (Gangwon), and Japan (Hokkaido); and coordinates inbound programs for visiting foreign officials.

Three of the province's oldest twinning relationships are with areas in this region, including Heilongjiang, China; Hokkaido, Japan; and Gangwon, South Korea.


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For more information on Asia Pacific initiatives contact:

Nancy Wu, Executive Director
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