Alberta International Development Office

Established in 2013, the Alberta International Development Office (AIDO) plays an important role in achieving Alberta’s international priorities. Its primary objective is to integrate Alberta’s public, private and institutional resources and expertise to pursue international development projects while maximizing the benefits for Albertans and Alberta stakeholders.

The AIDO coordinates the Government of Alberta’s participation in global development work and helps identify new areas of collaboration between the public and private sectors, educational institutions, foreign governments and international financial institutions.

Key initiatives:

  • promote Alberta’s strengths and capabilities to foreign governments, international financial institutions and other multilateral organizations;
  • maintain an ongoing dialogue with international development stakeholders;
  • strategically coordinate Alberta’s public sector expertise and resources to pursue targeted international development projects;
  • support Alberta companies, educational institutions and civil society organizations in pursuing international development projects; and
  • coordinate incoming visits and study tours for groups seeking Alberta knowledge and expertise on capacity-building and sustainable development.

Examples of recent international development projects:

  • assisted the Republic of Congo with the development of a Fiscal Responsibility and Transparency Law;
  • provided technical assistance for a livestock development project in Kazakhstan;
  • supported an agricultural training and development project in Inner Mongolia focused on sustainable development and management of water resources;
  • provided assistance to the Government of the Philippines for its K-12 Education Reform Program by sharing Alberta’s experience and best practices with public-private-partnerships in education;
  • arranged a group visit for government officials from the province of Western Cape in South Africa interested in learning more about how Alberta monitors, manages and evaluates municipalities across the province; and
  • organized a study tour for a Tanzanian delegation interested in learning more about Alberta’s experience in public-private-partnership procurement processes and guidelines.

For more information on the AIDO contact:

Shane M. Jaffer, Senior Director, Africa, Alberta International Development Office and International Financial Institutions
Phone: 403-297-6592

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